A few words about thread

We offer a wide variety of solid and variegated colors for your consideration, and will be happy to help you select the right color for your quilt if you would like, or you can choose your color on your Order Form. There is an additional charge of $ 2-4 dollars a quilt for variegated thread.

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Preparing your quilt top for shipping & quilting

  •  Iron your quilt top thoroughly, making sure all seams are pressed and the piece is wrinkle free.  
  •    Check to make sure your quilt top is as square as possible.
  •    Check that all seams are securely stitched and tied off.
  •    Choose a piece of fabric for the backing of your quilt, making sure that the backing is 4 INCHES WIDER THAN THE QUILT, ON ALL FOUR SIDES.
  • Example, your quilt is 90X90 your backing fabric must be AT LEAST 98X98.
  •     Small patterns usually make the best backings, however the choice is up to you.
  •    We provide a light weight polyester batting, for free.
  •    We also sell Hobbs 80/20 and Warm & Natural. 
  •     If you wish to provide your own batting along with the quilt top, please feel free to do so, again making sure that your batting is at LEAST 4 INCHES WIDER THAN THE QUILT ON ALL FOUR SIDES. 
  •     Mark the top of your quilt,if applicable.
  •     Do not pin or baste your quilt top, if you have any embellishments on your quilt top (buttons,pins, regular pictures,etc.) anything that the needle can damage, please remove and reattach after receiving the quilted top back. 
  •      We will not make changes or repairs to your quilt top.
  •      There will be additional charges for piecing together backs and/or shopping for           backing fabric.