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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you Located ?

  • We are located in northern Arkansas, about 30 miles south of Branson Missouri

How long will it take for me to get my Quilted top back ?

  • Currently 32-35 days from the day we receive the quilt, if the time frame changes you will be made aware of it before you send your quilt.

What is the price you charge by the square inch/foot ?

  • We currently charge 2 cents a square inch, for pantograph & meandering free handquilting. Custom work will be higher, Please call for a quote.

Can I send my own batting ?

  • Yes, making sure that it is at least 4 inchs LARGER THAN THE QUILT TOP ON ALL 4 SIDES, We ship all extra batting back unless the DO NOT ship box is checked on the Order Forum, to save on shipping cost.

Do you provide any other batting other than the light weight polyester batting that you providefor free ?

  • Yes, have Hobbs 80/20 at $5.99 a square yd. and Warm & Natural at $7.99 a square yd

What is the weight of the polyester batting you provide, and where is it from ?

  • The weight is 5.5 oz, it is manufactured here in Arkansas.

Can I talk to a live person about my quilt ?

  • Yes, you can call us at the number listed below and we can discuss any questions you have first, or you can email us your number and we'll call you. Most (but not all) of our first time customers like to talk to us before sending their quilts, which we understand and encourage..870.577.4875

Can I send more than one quilt at a time ?

  • Yes.

Do you "trim" the quilt after taking it off the machine ?

  • Yes, all quilts are trimmed before being shipped, unless the client requests otherwise.

If I send over sized (BEYOND 4 INCHES OVER ON ALL 4 SIDES) backing fabric with my quilt top will I get the extra back ?

  • Yes, after trimming the quilt, we ship all left overs (2 inch & over) back to the client with the quilt.

How much deposit should I send with my quilt ?

  • We don't require a deposit, we will email an invoice to you when your quilt is completed and ready for shipment. If sending a partial payment with your quilt would help you better manage the transaction then please feel free to do so.

How do I pay for my quilt ?

  • On payment, after your quilt is finished we will email you some pictures and an invoice through PAYPAL. You can either pay by debt/credit card through PAYPAL, or you can mail a check/money order by US mail. Which ever transaction you're more comfortable with. For your safety and ours, we DO NOT accept cash payments through the US mail.

Are some patterns more expensive than others ?

  • Almost never, all hand-guided, meandering,  pantograph patterns along with computerized quilting is priced at the every day low price of  0.02 cents a square inch. There will be additional for "custom quilting", We do our very best to keep our prices as low as possible, providing our clients with as much value as possible. 95% of the quilts we do have no additional quilting charges.

If I choose a quilting design from one of the design sites you have links to on your Patterns page for my quilt who pays ?

  • We split the cost with you 50/50, example the typical pattern runs $15.00, a pattern design charge of $7.50 would appear on your invoice. 

How will I know you received my quilt ?

  • You will receive a confirmation email from us when your quilt package arrives.

Have you ever lost a quilt in the mail ?

  • No, we had one hung up in Denver once for a couple of days due to weather, but it made it through.

Can I Just mail my quilt top to you ?

  • Yes many of our (mostly repeat) customers do. REMEMBERING to include with your quilt, your name, address, phone number & email. Along with your pattern and thread color choices, Filling out an ORDER FORM emailing it to us and/or enclosing it with your quilt shipment will help insure that we have all the necessary information.

How much extra fabric should I send if  you are going to bind the quilt for me.

  • One (1) yard is a good rule of  thumb, it isn't necessary for you to cut the fabric into stripes before mailing. All leftovers will be returned to you with the completed quilt.

Can I quilt my own quilt and send it to you for binding ?

  • Yes, we will be happy to provide binding services.

If I have any other questions can I contact you ?

  • Yes please do, email or phone we look forward to talking to you about your quilt and answering any questions.