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George, Thank you for another job beautifully done, I wish I had chosen another color thread  so the stitching would have been more visible on the top, but that's my "bad." We learn with every project,don't we. Thanks again. L.G 2.25.17

Thank you so much George!! They are beautiful as always you're the best.- DS 10.07.16

Hello George:
           I just wanted to let you know that the quilt you did such a beautiful job on
Won a blue ribbon for me at the fair.  I was shocked on the first day of the fair
When I went to check out the quilts!!  There were 80 quilts entered in the Senior
Division where I entered it! 
Thanks again - BI 10.02.16

                                                                Dixie Classic Fair, North Carolina 2016

George,Thank you so much I was sure this quilt was going to end up in the closet or given away, but have saved my project and made me proud.

SW 06.17.2016

Dear George,
The quilts arrived yesterday and once again, I am thrilled with your work and choices of quilting designs!  Thank you so much for bringing my quilts to life with the quality of your work.  
CW 04.15.2016

The quilts look wonderful!  It's always a treat to have you quilt them!  The blue one is for my son and I can't wait to give it to him!  Thanks for another wonderful job!!

M.L. 02.20.2016

 Greetings George!
I received the quilt yesterday and it is absolutely stunning! I couldn't be any happier. I never would have completed this project and now it will not only make me feel good that it is completed, but also bless the bride and groom. Thank you again and also thanks for the nice pen and clip.

J.K. 02.12.2016

Hi George,
I wanted to thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you did quilting my Frozen quilt. I wrapped it up for Christmas today and was reminded just how pleased I was with it. This is the second quilt I have sent you and I will definitely use you again and tell all my friends what a great job you do.
Thank you so much and Happy Holidays,
L. P.  12.18.2015

Hi George,

Once again you have outdone yourself with the beautiful quilting on my three wall hangings.  
Thank you so very much for the time you put into choosing the quilting motifs.  I love them!!  I have a
pink twin-sized quilt top ready to send to you.  It’s for my 4 year old granddaughter.  I am making the
aqua twin-sized one for my 2 year old granddaughter to send as soon as it’s completed.  They share a
room together. Thank you again and I am showing everyone I know the beautiful quilting job you did on my 7(so far) quilts!

George, Thank you !!! So much for you work. This tee shirt quilt holds so many memories for me and
your quilting has made it an heirloom. Aloha

I love the quilts.  The detail on both is amazing and I love the hearts on the baby quilt and all the feathering
on the blue.  You have a wonderful business .But. I have torn up your refund check.  I respect your
honesty and say thank you but I will not accept it......get a cup of coffee. Can't wait until I have another quilt! Thank you,

Hello George!
Thank you for finishing my quilt, it's beautiful!

Hi George,
It looks great, thank you so much for getting it done as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Hi George
I received my quilt and it is stunning!  Every time I look at it, I see something different!
Thanks again for a great job, it really makes the quilt!

Your quilting on this is just BEAUTIFUL!!  What an artist you are to make this simple little lap quilt into an
exquisite quilt that I am very proud to give to one of my sisters-in-law.  I know that she will love and
treasure it.  
Thank You !!!!!

Thank you so much -- they look beautiful, as always.

My quilts arrived on Monday, in perfect condition.  The quilting is excellent.  I am so happy
with the results. You make it look like I know how to piece.  THANKS!

E'mailed forms to you today, quilts in the mail tomorrow. Do your Magic.

Received the quilt today -- as always, is beautiful.Thank you.  Looks great as always.  I have paid the
invoice by paypal.
I'm so excited to see your fine work!!

Oh my gosh! You did such a beautiful job on my son's dog quilt! I just love how you quilted so
beautifully around the face of our beloved family dog. We loved her so much!
I just received two of the other quilts today that you quilted for me and they are equally as stunning. I'm
so happy I found you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The quilts arrived today and they are beautiful.  I love the feather design in the border.  It is beautiful!  
You do such great work. I am so happy that I found you on the internet.  Thank you, DE

Dear George,
         Once again, I am so thrilled with the quality and design of your quilting on my king sized quilt.  I
can’t thank you enough for your expertise and care and thoughtful choices of the quilting designs.  It
makes me want to hurry up and make another one for you to quilt!  Your business is a treasure and I
hope you will be around for a long time, providing beauty and pleasure for so many of us.  I am definitely
spreading the word…

My quilts arrived in today's mail.  As always, they at prefect. I love you choice of quilting.
Thanks for the great job and prompt work.

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