All over edge to edge quilting, if you require a 1/4, 1/2,  3/4 or 1 inch set back around
the edge  for binding clearance, we'll be happy to provide that, just let us know on
your quilting instruction order form.

Paisley Time


Baroque Hearts


Double Roses

Inset Trees


Rain Drops
4 or 5 inch

Flower Garden

Large Meandering

Medium Meandering

Small Meandering

Freehand Loops

Freehand L & E's

Freehand Waves
We have many other patterns HERE
If you still don't see anything you like or have your own idea, please Contact us

Cotton Candy

Double Plume

Simply Roses
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Freehand Patterns

Chantilly Lace 6 in.

Wandering Daisies
Angel Wings

Pop Corn
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Just Loops

We have over 4 thousand patterns, block, border and pantograph designs for our
computerized Statler Stitcher. Unfortunately  with copyright  considerations it would be
impossible to show them all here.
You can give us an idea or theme of what your looking for and we can  match it, or you  can
send us the quilt and let George design a lay out for it.
Or, you can browse the pattern designer links at the bottom of the page and when you find
that prefect pattern, just let us know and we'll quilt it for you.
We provide computerized,laser guided and free hand quilting, with many quilts being a
combination of the three different quilting disciplines

Below is small sampling of the hand-guided laser,computerized and freehand  patterns we

Simple Feather Meander
Paisley Chain
Unifiorm Meandering
Abuntantly Feathered
Feather Meandering
You may find that pattern that's 'Prefect' for your quilt looking at the design links listed below.

If you do please bookmark and email your link to us
Damask Feathers
Pantograph Patterns

Deb's Feathers
Semi-uniform Meandering